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You are kindly invited to submit an oral presentation of your research at the “European Conference on the Diffusion of Genomic Medicine: Health Economics & Policy” on May 27th and 28th, 2021, in Dijon (France) organised by the Health Economics Team of the Economics Laboratory of Dijon (University of Burgundy). This conference aims to contribute to the development of research in genomic medicine concerning its evaluation, its dissemination and the public policies accompanying this new type of medicine.

The conference will embrace the following topics:

  1. Preferences, expectations, representations of patients and professionals
  2. Medico-economic evaluation
  3. Diffusion in health systems
  4. Big data: uses and risks
  5. Financial access
  6. Legislation, public regulations and policies for diffusion
  7. Patients management and care pathway
  8. Organisational and relational changes for professionals
  9. Open access, access inequalities and equity
  10. Dissemination to the general public

Given this conference is part of the H2020 European project “Solve-RD: Solving the unsolved Rare Diseases”, research focusing on rare diseases is one of our targets. But all others fields related to genomic medicine are welcome: pharmacogenomics, oncogenetics, screening in the general population, complex multifactorial diseases, new omic and multi-omics approaches, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

Articles in the fields of Health Economics or Public Policy Analysis will be favoured. However, this conference would be greatly enriched by multidisciplinary sharing. The following disciplines are therefore welcome, subject to dealing with, at least, one of the ten topics listed above: Philosophy, Law, Linguistics and Languages, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Ethnology, Anthropology, Geography, History and History of Thought, Management Sciences, Ethics etc. You will be asked to identify the most relevant field to which your submission relates.

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