European Conference on the Diffusion of Genomic Medicine: Health Economics & Policy

The Health Economics Team of the Economics Laboratory of Dijon (University of Burgundy) organises the "European Conference on the Diffusion of Genomic Medicine: Health Economics & Policyfrom 26th to 28th May 2021.


Programme here


Update (26/05/2021)

The conference ECOgenomics starts this afternoon at 3:30 (Paris time).
We are delighted to "welcome" you, even if only virtually.
Please note that registration is still open. If any of your colleagues are interested, they can register here (Click here to register) until tomorrow at 12:00 (midday; Paris time).


You should have received an e-mail with :
- your teams login details,
- tutorials for creating Teams guest accounts (necessary even if you already have a Teams account with your institution, the guest account will allow you to access the recorded videos if you cannot attend some sessions you are interested in),
- tutorial for logging to the conference (one for speakers who have to share their presentation and one for participants),
- the programme with access links.

If you are missing any of this information, please send us a message.

You cannot attend two sessions at the same time, but you can switch from one session to another, the first one will then be automatically paused, but you can resume it whenever you wish.
Please do not hesitate to contact (except during the conference hours) or (during the conference hours) if necessary.

See you soon! 



This two-day symposium alternates plenary sessions and parallel thematic sessions and brings together researchers in the human sciences, mainly in health economics, but also researchers from other disciplines. It will contribute to the development of research in genomic medicine concerning its evaluation, its dissemination, and the public policies accompanying this new type of medicine.

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